Trump Defeated In Court On Transgender Military Ban


A district court in Maryland has ruled that transgender military service members have legal standing and stopped Trump from blocking judicial review of his trans military ban.

The ACLU tweeted:


This is going to be the first of many Trump defeats on the transgender military ban, but the Maryland ruling is big because it determined that the plaintiffs have legal standing and that the government can’t shut the courts out of reviewing the policy.

The rights of trans service members are being violated under Trump’s policy. The military had no advance knowledge of Trump’s ban, and retired military officials have been slamming the trans ban since before Trump announced it.

It’s clear that this was another unilateral bad policy decision made by this White House. The courts will overturn Trump’s trans military, but every single Democratic candidate should promise the voters that on day one of their administration they will sign an executive order reversing this act of bigotry and discrimination.

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