Out Of His Mind Trump Demands Automakers Lower All Car Prices By $3,000

Trump is now demanding that all US automakers, or he called them “politically correct automakers,” lower car prices by $3,000 across the board.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s tweet was the opposite of free-market principles. The President Of The United States is demanding that automakers lower their car prices. The government is trying to tell automakers how much they can charge for their products.

Donald Trump is showing signs of seriously losing his mind. There has been a great of hyperbole about the president’s mental state, and if one looks back over the last few decades speculation about a president’s health has become a national hobby, but Trump’s tweet is very bizarre behavior. The Republican Party once accused Barack Obama of trying to nationalize the auto industry through a government bailout, but they say nothing when Trump tries to impose price controls on auto companies.

The tweet was likely part of a half baked Trump pitch to derail a recession by spurring auto purchases.

The only ideas that Trump is capable of both un-capitalistic and un-American.