Trump Makes Former Members Wait 85 Years For Refunds From Failing Golf Club

Trump’s Doral golf club is failing, and members who quit the club since the 2016 election are being forced to wait 85 years to get their deposits back.

According to the Maimi Herald:

To move up the list by one spot, four new golf members need to join the club, according to the membership terms. Deposit amounts vary depending on when members joined.


But in the period from December 2017 to January 2019, one of those former members said he only advanced by one spot, another said he advanced by two, meaning at most eight new members joined in that time period, far fewer than the years prior, suggesting Trump’s new job may be hurting membership. Former members don’t have access to the list in its entirety, but can ask the membership office for an update on their spot in line.


At the rate the list is moving now, golf members who left after the 2016 election will be waiting around 85 years to get their money back from Trump.

Trump is holding on to the deposits of people who quit his club while banning them from using the facilities.

It is a classic Trump con. Once he has your money, he is never going to give it back under any circumstances. Members who are trying to leave don’t want to be associated with Trump or continue to give him their money. The deposits are in tens of thousands of dollars. Trump is sitting on millions of dollars in deposits from people who want their money, but he refuses to give it to them.

The reason why Trump is constantly running to his golf courses is that he is desperately trying to use the presidency to prop up his failing businesses. The problem with this strategy is that Trump’s lack of popularity means that most people don’t want to associate with this president, much less so, give him their money.

Conning is Trump’s business, and the people that tried to leave the club after he bought it or was elected president are unlikely to live long enough to see a dime of their money.

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