Out Of Tricks and Out Of His Mind, Trump Recycles Middle Class Tax Cut Promise If He Wins Reelection


Trump is out of tricks as he has returned to promising a tax cut for the middle class, but only if he wins the 2020 election.

Trump tweeted:


Trump made the same promise of a tax cut for the middle class if Republicans kept the House and Senate in 2018. It didn’t work then for the same reason that it is not going to work now. Trump has no intention of cutting taxes for the middle class.

He doesn’t need a Republican House and Senate to pass a middle-class tax cut. House Democrats would be thrilled to cut taxes for the middle class with no strings attacks. Republicans in the Senate have never met a tax cut that they wouldn’t vote for, so it would be slam dunk legislative pass.

It won’t happen because Trump thinks that offering imaginary tax cuts to voters only if they vote for him is smart politics.

The president’s tweet was also an admission that the first tax cut that Republicans passed was not a middle-class tax cut as they falsely claimed, nor was it intended to be.

Trump lied about the tax cut for the rich, so there is no reason to believe that he is telling the truth about cutting taxes for the middle class.

President Trump is out of tricks so he is recycling his old promises in the hope of fooling voters in 2020.