Hillary Clinton Calls Out Trump’s Hurricane Nuking Stupidity With 5 Words


Hillary Clinton responded to Trump’s idea of nuking hurricanes with 5 words that highlighted just how dumb this president is.

Clinton tweeted:

Former Sec. Clinton’s tweet is a reminder of how crazy the political world that we live in has become under Trump. It is sad that it had to be said publicly that nuking hurricanes is a really bad idea. Hillary Clinton was correct in being anti-nuking hurricanes. The idea is so stupid, absurd, and absolutely insane that it highlights how far our political leadership has plunged under a president who ranges from incompetent to insane.


We have reached the point where political leaders have to come out against dropping nuclear bombs on hurricanes.

It is impossible not to see Trump as a dangerous idiot after the report that he has asked multiple times why he can’t drop nukes on hurricanes.

Russia got what they wanted, as the United States has not only been weakened, but the country is under the leadership of a dangerous moron.

Every single day, Hillary Clinton has to wake up to the reality that she lost a Russian interfered with election to the guy who wants to nuke hurricanes.

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