The Air Force Paid Nearly Twice As Much As Average Hotel Rate To Stay At Trump’s Scotland Club

Trump claims that he gave the Air Force a discounted rate to stay at his failing golf club in Scotland, but data shows that the rate was nearly twice as much as the average hotel room cost.

Here is the statement from the Air Force confirmed their stay at Trump’s club:

Walter Shaub crunched the numbers and found that Trump overcharged the military:

The Air Force traveled an additional 23 miles out of their way to stay at club that charged them more than the average hotel room cost in the city that they were closer to.

The Trump “discounted rate” scam might sound familiar because it is why Ivanka Trump is under investigation for potential violations of tax law. During the Trump inauguration, Ivanka Trump offered “discounted rates” that were substantially higher than the average event space rates in the city.

There is clearly a directive within the executive branch that government agencies, officials, and even the military must stay at Trump-owned properties. Trump is engaging the type of corruption that is not normally seen in democracies. Mike Pence’s stay at Trump’s Failing club in Ireland was the tip of the iceberg, and if Congress and journalists keep digging, it is a safe bet that they will find a breathtaking level of criminal misuse of taxpayer funds and corruption.

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