Trump Demands Congress Investigate Obama For Netflix Documentary

Trump tried to distract from the impeachment investigation that is encircling him by demanding that Congress investigate Obama for his deal with Netflix.

Trump tweeted:

The difference between Obama and Trump is simple. Obama didn’t use the presidency to line his own pockets.

Obama’s book deal and his Netflix deal started after his presidency ended. Barack Obama wasn’t directing members of his administration to stay at his private businesses so that he could make money off of the taxpayers. Former President Obama didn’t profit off of members of the military staying at his private club in Scotland. If Congress were to investigate Obama’s book deal, they would need to investigate Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ book deal and the book deal that Trump could possibly get, if he is not serving in time in prison, after his presidency ends.

Trump doesn’t understand that he is the president now, so his old tactic of distracting from his scandals by accusing his political opponents of engaging or worse behavior doesn’t work. There is nothing on par with the corruption of the Trump administration.

Congress isn’t going to investigate Obama, but they are investigating and may end up impeaching Donald Trump.

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