Democrats Move To Cut Off Trump’s Taxpayer Cash With Bill Blocking Employees From Spending At His Properties

Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) discussed his bill that would forbid federal employees from using their per diem to stay at a Trump property.


Sen. Peters said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “The legislation that we have introduced with 35 of my colleagues says that basically you cannot use federal per diem at a hotel owned by a high government official and that’s defined as the president, the vice president or a cabinet official. It’s pretty clear that when that occurs, certainly the appearance of a conflict of interest is there or may just be an outright conflict of interest as well. It needs to be prohibited behavior. It’s been highlighted now from what we have seen. At the opening here with what we’re seeing in Scotland where the Air Force has been directing personnel staying a the Trump resort in Scotland. Certainly raises a lot of troubling issues.”

One of the questions that the House investigation is seeking answers to is who is referring these members of the Air Force to Trump’s failing Scotland club? The investigators only have a tiny number of documents, but they have already uncovered nearly $200,000 in spending at Trump’s club. By having the spending occur overseas, Trump may have thought that it was more likely not to be uncovered, but it has been exposed.

Something must be done about this clear and obvious corruption. Since Trump will never change his behavior, it is up to Congress to turn off the money support and stop the Trump theft of taxpayer funds immediately.