Whistleblower Complaint Explodes As It Involves Multiple Acts By Trump

The DNI whistleblower complaint against Donald Trump just blew up into a major problem for Republicans as the complaint involves multiple acts by the president.

The New York Times reported:

A potentially explosive complaint by a whistle-blower in the intelligence community said to involve President Trump was related to a series of actions that goes beyond any single discussion with a foreign leader, according to interviews on Thursday.

The complaint was related to multiple acts, Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for American spy agencies, told lawmakers during a private briefing, two officials familiar with it said. But he declined to discuss specifics, including whether the complaint involved the president, according to committee members.

Separately, a person familiar with the whistle-blower’s complaint said it involves in part a commitment that Mr. Trump made in a communication with another world leader. The Washington Post first reported the nature of that discussion. But no single communication was at the root of the complaint, another person familiar with it said.

The White House is trying to bury this complaint because it appears to be even worse than first reported. The complaint isn’t about one phone call and promise, but multiple potential betrayals of the country by this president. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is trying to get the information that he is legally entitled to, but the White House is stonewalling and obstructing in the hope that they can force Democrats to go court and run out the clock before the 2020 election.

The initial reports on this complaint were bad, but less than 24 hours later, the whistleblower has turned into a nightmare for Republicans that gets worse with each new report.

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