Trump Loses It When Reporter Asks Why He Was Talking About Biden on Ukraine Call

During a Sunday morning gaggle with reporters, Donald Trump lost it when he was asked why he was talking about Biden in a call with Ukraine’s president.

Here was the exchange:

Q: Is there a recording of that call?

Trump: Well, I don’t say anything. Whenever I speak to a foreign leader, I assume there are many people on the line. I don’t assume I’m talking to the leader. Any time I’m on the phone with a foreign leader, many, many people are on the line. Sometimes they are taping calls. Sometimes they’re doing the stenographer. But I also assume many people are on the line from the other side. So if I’m speaking to a country, they also have people on the line. So who would say a thing like what you’re saying? Now, I will say this, I said absolutely nothing wrong. It was perfect.

Q: You acknowledged that you talked about the Bidens. Is that correct, sir?

Trump: Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen — Listen to me. Listen to me. I assume many people are on the line. I know that before I make the you have intelligence agencies, everybody listening. That call was a great call. It was a perfect call. A perfect call. What wasn’t perfect is the horrible thing that Joe Biden said. And now he made a lie, never spoke to his son. Give me a break.


Trump has dug himself into a hole and he can’t get out. Notice how he tries to pivot into Joe Biden being corrupt, and spreading the conspiracy theory. Ukraine won’t “investigate” Biden, because prosecutors there have concluded that there is nothing to Trump’s story, so the president is going to power on through, regardless of facts, and try to hang the corruption tag on Joe Biden.

It isn’t working because it is the same stunt that Trump used on the Clintons in 2016, but Joe Biden isn’t Bill and Hillary Clinton, who had unfortunately been vilified by conservative media with conspiracy theories for decades. There are no Biden conspiracies. Joe Biden has been in the public eye for decades, and there has never been anything reported about him.

Trump is desperate and grasping. Trump will be investigated for this, as his effort to get dirt on Biden has backfired in a major way.

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