Trump Has Been Hiding Politically Damaging Phone Calls On National Security Server


Trump has been withholding phone calls with foreign leaders that contain politically damaging phone calls on a password protected national security server.

Here is the section of the appendix that blows the whistle on Trump’s hiding of information:



The appendix said, “According to white house officials that I spoke with, this was not the first time under the administration a presidential transcript was placed into this code word level system solely for the purpose of protecting politically sensitive rather than in national security-sensitive information.”

Trump is abusing the intelligence classification system to cover up his crimes and secrets. None of this should be a surprise, but it is a flagrant abuse of power, and the whistleblower report has done a bigger service to the country than anyone first realized.

It appears to have laid out a roadmap to Trump’s biggest potential crimes in office.

There are more damaging readouts of Trump phone calls hidden on a password protected national security server.

Ukraine was just the beginning. It seems that there is much more to come.

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