Trump’s Sunday Nightmare: 64% of Americans Believe He Shook Down Ukraine For Biden Dirt

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll found that 64% of Americans believe that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine for dirt on Biden and the vast majority aren’t surprised.

Via ABC News:

54% of those polled stated that they were following the story closely. 37% said that they were not.

The number of people who are not following this scandal closely tracks with the low-end range of Trump’s approval rating. It’s a trend that has been on display since Trump ran for president. When bad news comes, the president’s biggest supporters ignore it. Trump’s base will never be swayed away from him. There will never be 70%-80% support for impeachment.

The country is in the very early stages of impeachment, and Trump is already in a deep hole.

Impeachment is not going to blow over or be ignored. Trump can’t change the subject by talking about Joe Biden conspiracy theories. Trump is in a nightmare of his own making, as the numbers on impeachment are likely to get worse for the White House in the weeks to come.

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