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Trump yells at reporters

Impeachment Is Weakening And Sucking The Strength Out Of Trump

Donny Deutsch said that the impact of impeachment is visible and is weakening Donald Trump.

Deutsch said on MSNBC’s Deadline White House. “When you see him now, he looks weak. He has the droopy days sometimes reading off the teleprompter, always what he had, the one asset he’s had, the Democrats don’t come forward with, is strength. Right now you’re not seeing it. The camera doesn’t lie. He’s feeling weak. He’s looking weak. For the first time, I look at this president and say, he’s really vulnerable.”


Impeachment is taking a toll on Trump. He is clearly obsessed with impeachment, and the whistleblower. Donald Trump has never been the picture of physical health, so it isn’t surprising that he would be showing signs of the stress that impeachment has clearly got him under.

Deutsch brought up an interesting point, but it could be argued that Trump never has been very strong. His energy level was never consistent. He was able to pretend like he had energy because his campaign did a good job of keeping him on a light schedule, but since he was sworn into office, even though all Trump seems to do is golf. he has had little energy.

A weak and lethargic Trump is likely what voters are going to get during the 2020 campaign, Trump relies on the strength of his personality, and when that is gone, voters will be left with a weak shell of a corrupt president who won’t be able to compete for a second term.

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