Rudy Giuliani Admits To Putting Fake White House Logos On Non-Government Docs

Rudy Giuliani admitted that he put fake White House logos on his Ukraine conspiracy theory documents and tried to pass them off as real.

Josh Rogin of CNN tweeted:

Here is the apparently hand-drawn logo done by Giuliani or someone close to him:

Rudy Giuliani falsified documents to try to get the State Department to investigate his Russia conspiracy theory against Joe Biden.

This is a whole new level of crazy.

Guiliani was hellbent on getting the State Department to investigate Biden. Instead of investigating Biden, the State Department turned the documents over to their IG who then turned them over to Congress. Thus, providing more evidence for impeachable Ukraine conspiracy. The documents that Giuliani compiled have been described as an amateurish right-wing conspiracy theory. The fact that the president and his lawyer would run with this half baked scheme is a sign that they could find nothing on Biden, and there is no law that they won’t break to win the 2020 election.

On the same night that America finds out that Mike Pence may have also committed an impeachable offense, the country learns that the president’s lawyer spends his free time faking White House logos for his conspiracy theory docs.

It is only 9 since the impeachment investigation was announced and team Trump is a pile of rubble.

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