Trump Is Now Making Up Fake Pictures Of Ukrainians With The Bidens

Trump is falsely claiming that there is a picture of the Bidens golfing with the “company boss” of the company Hunter Biden worked for. This is a lie.

Trump tweeted a flat out lie:

PolitiFact already fact-checked and debunked this lie, “We wanted to investigate the identity of the “Ukraine gas (executive)” referenced in the picture. He is Devon Archer, an American (not Ukrainian) who served as a board member (not an executive) along with Hunter Biden at the Ukraine energy company Burisma.”

The person in the picture is not a Ukrainian company boss. Donald Trump should know this, but probably doesn’t Rudy Giuliani has likely convinced him that this photograph is of Ukranian executive.

Back in 2016, before the press caught on to Trump, they might have gone with his version of the picture and maybe fact-checked it later. Trump isn’t getting as much traction with these lies, because the press is ready. As soon as the president says or tweets something false, there is a fact check shooting it down.

It is still a year before the 2020 election and Trump is making up fake pictures, as he is getting more desperate to smear Biden.

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