Joe Biden Calls For Trump’s Lawyer Rudy Giuliani To Go To Jail


Former Vice President Joe Biden didn’t pull any punches when talking to reporters as he said that Rudy Giuliani and his two thug associates should go to jail.

Biden was discussing impeachment when he said, ” When Washington was sworn in, he talked about the greatest concern a new republic has is influence from foreign powers. It’s ironic that we learned about Mr. Trump asking for foreign powers to intervene on the same day. This is a constitutional issue that should be taken as a deadly serious matter. This should be done one at a time. Other people like Rudy Giuliani, the need to go to jail. They may end up in jail, they don’t have to be impeached, at least the two thugs he had with him have been indicted. And they’ve been totally discredited. I think we should just be — this is a very serious undertaking.”



Joe Biden isn’t fooling around. Giuliani is under criminal investigation, and there is a possibility that the president’s lawyer does end up charged with a crime. Giuliani’s associates have been rounded up and arrested for their involvement in an illegal campaign finance scheme to support Trump and other Republicans with illegal foreign donations.

Forget being swiftboated, Biden isn’t going to allow himself to be Giulianied in 2020.

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