Trump Pouts Post-Debate And Calls All Democratic Candidates Clowns

Trump threw a fit and called all the Democratic candidates clowns who would crash the economy if they beat him in 2020.

Trump tweeted:

Someone in the Oval Office doesn’t like the fact that all of the attention is not on him. Trump is getting bombarded with an endless series of bad headlines about impeachment, so he is responding by threatening America with an economic collapse.

The truth is that none of the Democratic candidates would damage the economy as Trump has with his trade war and manufacturing recession, but this election isn’t going to be about the slowing economy. It is going to be all about Trump and his behavior in office.

Tom Steyer’s claim that all of the Democrats on the debate would be better presidents than the criminal in the White House hit a nerve:

The only clown in this situation is the president who got US Kurdish allies slaughtered while facing impeachment for trying to shakedown Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden. Trump sees his defeat looming on the horizon, and his only impotent response is to hurl threats of doom and childish insults.