Rudy Giuliani Butt Dialed NBC And Told Them He’s Needs Cash

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, accidentally butt-dialed NBC News and can be heard on the message saying he needs cash and ranting about the Bidens.

NBC News reported:

Giuliani can be heard discussing overseas dealings and lamenting the need for cash, though it’s difficult to discern the full context of the conversation.


The voicemail yielded no details about the meeting. But Giuliani can be heard telling the man that he’s “got to call Robert again tomorrow.”

“Is Robert around?” Giuliani asks.

“He’s in Turkey,” the man responds.

Giuliani replies instantly. “The problem is we need some money.”

The two men then go silent. Nine seconds pass. No word is spoken. Then Giuliani chimes in again.

“We need a few hundred thousand,” he says.

It’s unclear what the two men were talking about. But Giuliani is known to have worked with a Robert who has ties to Turkey.

Trump made a bizarre foreign policy decision and gave Turkey the thumbs up to invade Northern Syria and ethnically cleanse the US’s Kurdish US allies. Rudy Giuliani is in need of cash and turned to connections in Turkey for a quick couple of hundred grand. The web of overseas money that appears to be pouring into Trump and his allies is becoming clearer by the day.

Rudy Giuliani is already under criminal investigation for his overseas deals and potentially acting as an illegal unregistered foreign lobbyist.

The butt-dial is a sign of Giuliani’s incompetence, but what was said on the call raises real questions about his overseas business dealings, his financial situation, and how they both tie into that shadow foreign policy that he was running for Trump.

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