Crowd Boos Trump And Chants Lock Him Up At World Series


The crowd for the fifth game of the World Series booed Donald Trump and chanted lock him up when the president was shown in attendance at the game.

Video of the crowd chanting lock him up when Trump was shown:

That wasn’t even the worst of it. Cameras caught Trump’s face as he went from smiling and waving to realizing that an entire stadium is booing him.


The expression on Trump’s face changes when he realizes that the crowd is booing him:

For a president as petty and thin-skinned as Trump, the booing of the crowd has to kill him. Trump is defined by a desperate need for praise and love at all times. The president rarely goes out in public since he took office, and on one of the occasions that he does show his face in front of a non-hand picked crowd, he got booed into oblivion and told that he should be behind bars.

All of the conventional political wisdom says that incumbent presidents should be favored for reelection, but there has never been an incumbent president as reviled in his first term as Donald Trump.

The majority of Americans won’t be satisfied with kicking Trump out of office. They want him sent to prison.

Things are so bad for Trump that he can’t go the World Series without being reminded that the majority of the country can’t stand him.

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