Trump Demands Hillary Clinton And Adam Schiff Be Sent To Prison After Roger Stone Conviction

Trump responded to Roger Stone being convicted of seven felonies by demanding that Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff be sent to prison.

Trump tweeted:

Roger Stone was found guilty of witness tampering and lying to Congress in relation to his 2017 testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Robert Mueller, and all of the other people that Trump mentioned in his tweet did not commit a crime. That’s the problem for Trump. Roger Stone committed crimes that were related to lying to protect Trump in the Russia scandal. Stone was Trump’s contact with Wikileaks. Roger Stone tried to lie to Congress about Wikileaks, the DNC email hacks, and what Trump knew.

The members of the intelligence community that Trump named investigated the president and his associates. They did their job, which is why Trump is equating to a convicted felon.

Roger Stone deserves to go to prison, as the candidate that led chants of lock her up during the 2016 is seeing all of the people around him get locked up.

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