Democrats Get Big Win As Judge Grants Rush Judgement On Don McGahn Testimony

House Democrats got a big win on Tuesday evening as a judge granted a rush judgment on the question of whether Don McGahn will have to testify in the impeachment hearings.

Shimon Prokupecz reported:

The judge granted the Democrats’ request and will rule by November 25:

The judge could force Trump’s former White House counsel to testify in the impeachment hearings. McGahn has extensive knowledge of Trump’s obstruction of justice. People familiar with McGahn’s thinking say that the former White House counsel will testify if the court rules that he must.

McGahn’s name was in the Mueller report hundreds of times, and the House Judiciary Committee has sought his testimony since the beginning of the year.

Don McGahn’s testimony could be a disaster for Trump, and Democrats are one step closer to gaining access to one of their most elusive witnesses.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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