Trump Claims His Border Wall Is Electrified (It’s Not)

Trump made the bizarre and completely false claim that his border wall is electrified and can monitor anyone who touches it.

Trump said, “We have it electrified so that if anyone touches it, we can get there in minutes. We’re building a fantastic wall.”


Here’s the problem. The wall isn’t electrified. What Trump might have meant is that there are motion detectors, camera detectors and a security system on the wall, but this claim is extremely dubious because people have been cutting through Trump’s wall with saws available at the hardware store for less than $100.

Trump’s wall isn’t electrified. The new wall is still not being built. Trump is claiming repairs to the existing structure as a new wall. As the election gets closer, Trump’s claims about his imaginary border wall keep getting bigger.

The president’s wall rhetoric is ripe for a journalist to put it to the test.

Trump is flailing and saying anything to keep his base in line and survive impeachment.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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