Trump Self Destructs On Fox And Admits Impeachable Offenses

As Fox News hosts tried to stop him, Trump went on a conspiracy theory rant and admitted impeachable offenses.

Trump said on Fox and Friends, “A lot of it had to do with they say Ukraine. It’s very interesting, right? They have the server from the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. The FBI went in and they told them get out of here. We’re not giving it to you. They gave the server to Crowdstrike, or whatever it’s called, which is a country, a company owned by a very wealthy Ukrainian, and I still want to see that server. You know, the FBI’s never gotten that server. That’s a big part of this whole thing. why did they give it to a Ukrainian company?”

At this point, Fox News realizes Trump is in big trouble, so Steve Doocy asks, “Are you sure they did that? Are you sure they gave it to Ukraine?”

Trump, who is about as tuned in as a tree stump, replied, “Well, that’s what the word is, and that’s what I asked actually in my phone call as you know. I mean I asked it very point-blank because we’re looking for corruption. We’re looking for, why should we be giving hundreds of millions of dollars to countries when there’s this kind of corruption?”


Trump was pushing a Russian talking point and conspiracy theory.

The president admitted that he used his phone call with the president of Ukraine to try to get a server that doesn’t exist because he is still trying to prove that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election. Trump withheld military aid to benefit his reelection campaign.

Fox News tried to stop him, but Trump went off on a conspiracy theory and admitted an impeachable offense.

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