Former Navy Secretary Says Trump Has Dishonored The Military

Former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said on Monday that Donald Trump had dishonored the military with his intervention on behalf of accused war criminal Eddie Gallagher.

Mabus said on MSNBC, “Well, this just dishonors the military so much and it causes chaos and confusion. It undermines accountability, it undermines the rule of law. It undermines good order and discipline in the military. For a president to interject himself in the decision of who is qualified to wear a Navy trident and who is qualified to serve in a military unit that the commander can’t make that decision, or in this case that a group of Seals, five Seals, would be sitting in judgment on, can’t do that. Just undermines the whole chain of command, it undermines everything that the military has to have to be effective.”


The former Navy Secretary under Obama later added, “I think there are two things that have been missing here. Number one, Gallagher’s Seal teammates were the ones that reported him. This was not somebody back at the Pentagon, this was not somebody not with him in combat. These were his teammates. These were fellow Seals that reported him. And the second thing is, how can you go on television like he did yesterday, on Fox and Friends, when you’re on active duty and trash your chain of command?”

Trump has dishonored or corrupted every institution that he has come in contact with since being sworn in as president. The military is another institution that is going to have to weather the storm of this president’s ignorant, immoral, and corrupt impulses for another year until voters potentially replace him with an appropriate commander in chief.

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