Joe Biden Was Right To Call Man Who Pushed Ukraine Conspiracy A Damn Liar

There is a more significant point in Biden’s confrontation with a voter who pushed the Ukraine conspiracy, and that is that Joe Biden won’t allow lies to stand.

The 83-year-old voter accused Biden of setting up his son to work in a gas company in Ukraine and selling access to the presidency just like Trump.

Neither of these allegations was true, and Biden wasn’t going to stand there and make nice or offer some talking point answer to obvious lies. Sure, Biden got testy, but only after the voter also challenged his fitness for the presidency.


Democrats keep saying that they need to take the fight to Trump in 2020, which is true, but they also need a candidate will go toe to toe with Trump and not be placed on the defensive by lies. The mainstream media handwringing and fainting over this clip are overblown.

Joe Biden showed that he has a backbone. Voters will decide if he will be the party’s nominee, but the former vice president showed was Trump is so afraid of him that he got himself impeached trying to stop him. Joe Biden is a fighter, and a clip like this may help him with a segment of primary voters who are looking for a candidate who will throw down with Trump.

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