53% Of Americans Say Trump Obstructed Impeachment

One of the House Democrats’ articles of impeachment has majority support as 53% of Americans say that Trump has not cooperated with the investigation.

According to the Monmouth University Poll:

A majority of Americans (61%) say that Trump has not cooperated with the House impeachment investigation, which is twice the number who say he has (31%). Only 1 in 4 say Trump has provided either all (10%) or most (14%) of the information that the House committee asked for. Another 35% say he has provided just some of the information and 30% say he has provided none of what was requested. A majority of Americans (53%) say that if Trump withheld this information it was done more to hinder the investigation, while 35% say it was done more for legitimate reasons.

As may be expected, the vast majority of Democrats say that Trump has not cooperated with the investigation (87%) and has withheld information mainly to hinder the inquiry (89%). On the other hand, while most Republicans say Trump has been cooperative (53%) and that any withheld information was done for legitimate reasons (60%), a sizable minority of his fellow partisans say the president has not cooperated (36%) and that his lack of cooperation was done more to hinder the investigation (21%).

The American people haven’t been fooled by Trump’s cries of an illegitimate impeachment. The courts aren’t buying Trump’s obstruction of House investigations, and the American people aren’t falling for his smokescreen of excuses for his obstruction.

Donald Trump has obstructed Congress, and the majority of Americans see it. They suspect that the president is hiding something, and his lack of cooperation is hurting Trump and the Republican Party.

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