Senate Vote Shows McConnell May Be Willing to Impeach Trump

Donald Trump’s crushing defeat in the U.S. Senate yesterday revealed that impeachment is now a very real possibility, according to MSNBC‘s Lawrence O’Donnell.

The host of “The Last Word” said that the politics in Washington have changed, and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell may now be willing to allow the president to be impeached. read more

Billionaire Will Spend His Money Trying to Impeach Trump

Democratic activist Tom Steyer, a billionaire investor who has discussed running for president, said on Wednesday that he won’t run for the White House in 2020. He said he would instead spend his money continuing his efforts to impeach President Donald Trump. read more

Speaker Pelosi Is Already Under Pressure to Impeach Trump

As the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is going to have to decide whether or not to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

This is not a hypothetical question now that Democrats are in control of the House. And even though Pelosi has expressed reluctance to press for impeachment of Trump, after one day she is already under enormous pressure from members of her own House Democratic Caucus. read more

A Tanking Economy and Stock Market Losses May Be the End of Trump

The Trump economy is finally kicking in.

After increasing steadily during the Obama years, the stock market declined substantially in 2018. Many economic experts say that this is a forecast of troubles ahead as 2019 might bring declining economic growth and possibly a recession. It may also bring the end of Donald Trump‘s reign as leader of the free world. read more

Expert Says Trump’s Likely Impeachment in 2019 Will Roil Stock Markets

Beleaguered investors can expect their roller coaster ride to continue into 2019, as the new year promises to bring even more risk to the stock markets.

Stock market professionals, as well as amateur investors, don’t like the wild market swings such as we have seen over the past few weeks because volatility is the measure of risk. The more ups and downs there are, the riskier investments become. read more

Wave of Lawsuits and Investigations Threaten Trump and His Presidency

Two years after Donald Trump won the presidency, every organization he has led in the past decade is under investigation or involved in at least one lawsuit.

Trump’s private company, the Trump Organization, is facing civil suits digging into its business with foreign governments as well as state criminal inquiries into its tax practices. read more

Trump Might Be Impeached For Crimes Committed Before He Became President

A conservative newspaper, The Washington Examiner, published an article today citing legal experts who discussed the topic of Donald Trump’s impeachment.

According to many such experts Trump could legally be impeached for crimes he committed before becoming president. read more

House Democrats in Conflict Over Trump Impeachment

While Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives set forth their vision for what they want to accomplish next year, impeachment of President Donald Trump does not seem to be on the agenda. However, many of their supporters and donors are not happy about that, and want the House to start impeachment proceedings shortly after taking control in January. read more

Democrats May Impeach Trump For Conflicts of Interest

Democrats in the House of Representatives released new documents last week which they say provide proof that President Donald Trump was directly involved in canceling plans developed by the federal government to sell the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. read more

Trump Is Mentally Crumbling Because He Knows That Impeachment Is Coming

According to reports from inside the White House, even Donald Trump knows that impeachment is coming soon after the election.

Adam Schiff Warns Trump Not To Even Think About Pardoning Paul Manafort

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, warned Trump that if he pardons Manafort, the president will be obstructing justice.

Ivanka Trump Is Worried That Her Daddy Is Going To Be Impeached

Ivanka Trump is worried that her father is going to be impeached as the situation at the White House has deteriorated to a new low.

One Look From Rachel Maddow Says It All As Trump Has Consulted His Lawyers About Impeachment

Rachel Maddow gave viewers a raised eyebrows look that spoke volumes as she read from a Washington Post story about Trump consulting his lawyers about impeachment proceedings.


Rachel Maddow gave viewers a raised eyebrows look that spoke volumes as she read from a Washington Post story about Trump consulting his lawyers about impeachment proceedings. read more

Nearly Half of Americans Want to Start Trump Impeachment Now

A new Axios/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday reveals 44 percent of respondents want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, including 49% of independent voters. Fully 79 percent of Democrats but just 8 percent of Republicans want an impeachment trial to begin in the U.S. House of Representatives. read more

Rudy Giuliani Threatens The American People With Violence If Trump Is Impeached

The desperation is growing from Trump’s legal team, as Rudy Giuliani is warning of a revolt by the American people if the president is impeached.

Sky News reported:

In an interview with Sky News Rudy Giuliani claimed there was “no reason” for an impeachment and called Mr Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen “a liar”. read more

Trump Says He Can’t Be Impeached Because He’s Doing A Great Job

Forget the crimes and corruption, Donald Trump said that he couldn't be impeached because he is doing a great job.

With Trump Implicated In Felony Crimes, Here’s How Impeachment Works

Trump has now been implicated in multiple felonies, which is why MSNBC's Ali Velshi gave a quick crash course on the impeachment process.

Chuck Todd Thinks Congress Should ‘Draw Up Articles of Impeachment’

The top political reporter for NBC News, Chuck Todd, went on The Today Show on Wednesday and said that if a “functional Washington” existed then Congress would be “holding investigations into the Trump presidency” and “looking for ways to draw up articles of impeachment.” read more

Tom Steyer Says Pelosi is Wrong About Trump Impeachment

Billionaire Tom Steyer, a major Democratic donor, said he believes that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is incorrect for saying his push to impeach President Trump is hurting Democratic candidates and helping Republicans in this year’s midterm elections. read more

Republican Effort To Impeach Rosenstein Backfires And Paves The Way To Trump Impeachment

The House Freedom Caucus thought that they were helping Trump by trying to impeach Rod Rosenstein, instead, they made it easier for Trump to be impeached.