Eric Swalwell Blasts McConnell For Giving Trump The Green Light To Cheat

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that Donald Trump is currently abusing his power, and Mitch McConnell has given him the green light to cheat in 2020.

Rep. Swalwell was asked on MSNBC is Rudy Giuliani is being helpful to Trump, and he answered, “No, but it also demonstrates that the president did not abuse his power in the past tense. He is abusing his power in the present tense, in that when he hears from Senator Mcconnell that he’s going to be acquitted, the signal that he receives from that is a green light and he believes that he can continue to abuse the power of his office to cheat the upcoming election, which gives us the urgency in the House to act.”


Rep. Swalwell was right. McConnell is sending the signal to Trump with his sham trial that there will be no consequences for his actions. It could even be argued that McConnell is encouraging Trump to cheat because the cheating would benefit Senate Republicans.

Trump is responsible for his own actions, but the corruption within the Republican Party has led to a breakdown of the accountability checks that the Founders designed in the Constitution.

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