Democrats Looking At Impeaching Trump For Obstruction Of Justice, Abuse of Power, and Extortion

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) said Democrats have three potential articles for Trump impeachment, extortion, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice.

Connolly said on MSNBC:

I would say there are three categories, but let me start with Ukraine. I don’t think the facts are in dispute about Ukraine. The president extorted. He attempted bribery with a foreign leader. That’s clear from the White House transcript. It’s clear from the whistle-blower complaint. It’s clear from the emails that Ambassador Volker made available. And it’s clear from the 34 hours of testimony we had last week. I don’t think the facts are in doubt. I think we need to hold the president accountable. Extortion, bribery, is illegal. So, in this case, we’re actually looking at an illegal act.

I think obstruction of justice was documented by Robert Mueller, who all but said he committed a crime, but I can’t prosecute them because the Department of Justice guidelines won’t let me. And he specifically said but congress can hold him accountable. So we’re going to do that. And then the third category is abuse of office. Failure to comply with congressional subpoenas, deliberate attempts to try to obstruct the ongoing impeachment investigation. I think all of that is a category of a potential impeachment article as it was during the Nixon impeachment.


Out of the three potential cases, it is almost certain that Trump is going to be impeached for obstruction of justice and extortion. The White House has produced the evidence that Trump committed extortion and has offered zero proof to contradict the call transcript.

Trump did commit an illegal act when he tried to extort Ukraine, and for that reason, he is going to be impeached by Christmas.

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