White House Falsely Claims It Goes Against The Constitution To Impeach Trump

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that it undermines and America and goes against the Constitution to impeach Trump.

Grisham said, Undermining a president is dangerous, and it does go against the Constitution, and it does go against the American people, which is something that’s happening in Congress right now”

She continued, “There are public hearings starting this week, but they aren’t really public, because we don’t get to have anybody from our side out there to tell our side of the story, so this is going to be more of the same as last week. We don’t expect anything different.”


The power of impeachment is in the constitution. It is a constitutionally granted power to the House.

The White House first claimed that the impeachment was illegitimate because the House didn’t vote on it. After a federal judge ruled that the impeachment investigation was official, and the House passed an impeachment resolution. The White House moved the goalposts and declared that impeachment is un-American, and undermining Trump.

Donald Trump is not America. The presidency is not America. The White House’s claims are bogus.

Trump will have an entire minority on the Intelligence Committee telling his side of the story. The White House is still complaining because Adam Schiff would not allow Trump to turn impeachment into an investigation of the Bidens, and other right-wing conspiracies.

The White House has no defense of Trump, so they are trying to wrap a president who is openly interference from foreign governments in the flag, which demonstrates the weakness of Trump’s defense.

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