Trump’s Stooges Throw A Tantrum Because Adam Schiff Won’t Let Them Spy On Impeachment

Rep. Jim Jordan threw a fit after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff tossed Trump spy Rep. Matt Gaetz out of the closed impeachment interview of Fiona Hill.

Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted:

Jim Jordan is lying. Rep. Jordan knows that closed-door hearings are restricted to only members of the committee or committees who are holding the hearing. Members of Congress aren’t allowed to crash closed-door hearing. Gaetz isn’t a member of any of the committees that were holding the joint hearing, therefore, he can’t be in the room.

Democrats are making transcripts of witness testimony available, so Jordan also wasn’t the truth about testimony not being available to every member of Congress and the American people.

Reps. Jordan and Gaetz are two of the biggest Trump spies in the House. They are tantruming because Democrats aren’t allowing them to sabotage their investigation with leaks to Trump. Jordan is trying to spin the impeachment investigation as a “witch hunt,” but the truth is that Adam Schiff is too smart for Trump and his minions. Schiff isn’t about to allow Jordan and Gaetz to compromise the investigation.

Republicans have no other moves, and there is nothing that they can do to protect Trump from impeachment.

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