Eric Swalwell Proclaims The Pillars Of Trump’s Impeachment Defense Shattered

Rep. Eric Swalwell said that two of the main pillars of Trump’s impeachment defense have been shattered by Wednesday’s testimony.

Rep. Swalwell said during Laura Cooper’s testimony, “Mrs. Cooper, your testimony today destroys two of the pillars of the president’s defense and one justification for his conduct. The first pillar, no harm, no foul. The Ukrainians didn’t know that the hold was in place, so it didn’t really hurt them. The second pillar, this president was a real champion of anti-corruption. He cared about corruption in Ukraine.”


Laura Cooper has been an unexpectedly devastating witness to Trump’s impeachment defense. Cooper has testified that Trump’s motivation couldn’t have been corruption because he put the hold on the military aid to Ukraine months after it had cleared a congressionally mandated corruption review.

Trump froze the aid because he believes the Russian conspiracy that it was really Ukraine who interfered in the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton, and he was trying to get Ukraine to announce an investigation into Joe Biden.

Trump was trying to create more corruption in Ukraine that he could use in the 2020 election.

Rep. Swalwell was right. Donald Trump’s impeachment defense, which was never strong, to begin with, has been reduced to a flaming pile of rubble.

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