White House Holds Fire Drill To Distract Reporters During Impeachment

The White House held a planned fire drill that caused surprised reporters to evacuate in the middle of the Trump impeachment hearings.

The Washington Examiner reported:

White House spokesman Judd Deere told the Washington Examiner the evacuation was a “fire drill.” He was not able to provide details on when it was planned.


The alarm caught many journalists off-guard. Most could not recall a similar evacuation of workspaces.

The evacuation was over within about 10 minutes, but social media users raised questions about the timing. “Trumps trying to clear house, literally!!!” one wrote. “That’s not at all sketchy. This is what it’s come to,” wrote another.

The administration has no defense for impeachment, so they are playing games and trying to cause any distraction that they can think of to disrupt the media coverage that is dominating the news. The White House could have held the fire drill at any time.

It is interesting that they chose to schedule the fire drill for the first day of Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings. There is no low that is too petty for the Trump administration. The fact that they didn’t clue reporters in on the drill is another sign that this was an effort to disrupt and distract.

What’s next? Is Trump going to raise the terror alert level to red as witnesses testify?

The White House could be participating and clearing the president’s name. Instead, they are holding fire drills and trying to disrupt media coverage.

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