White House Throws A Fit And Claims Impeachment Witnesses Are Biased Against Trump


White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed that the constitutional experts testifying at the impeachment hearing are biased against Trump.

Grisham tweeted:


This video of the experts reacting to Trump’s claims that he has unlimited Article II powers appears to be what set the White House off:

The problem with the White House’s whining biases and shams is that they were invited to participate in this hearing, and question the witnesses, but Trump refused.

Trump is refusing to participate because the administration has decided to go down the path of calling impeachment a biased sham. They don’t want to participate or open themselves up to questioning.

The White House doesn’t get to throw a tantrum about fairness and then refuse to show up and participate when invited.

Trump’s lawyers could be at the hearing. Trump’s own White House witnesses could be there. Trump himself could show up, but he has refused to do all of this because he has no defense.

The only sham being perpetrated on the American people is coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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