FBI Agents Who Leaked To Rudy Giuliani Are Under Investigation

The FBI agents who leaked information to Rudy Giuliani just before the 2016 election are currently under federal investigation.

The exchange:

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT): The FBI appropriately kept quiet about the Trump Russia investigation during the 2016 election. The same can be said about the Clinton administration. Rudy Giuliani and others appeared to receive highly sensitive leaks from the New York FBI field office, leaks that likely contributed to director Comey’s public announcement that he was reopening the Clinton investigation just days before the election. I asked then-director Comey about the leaks, he said he was investigating.

Now, we know that a number of these leaks to Mr. Giuliani which he then ran to the cameras and actually bragged about talking about. What can you tell us about the New York field office’s field office leaks to Rudy Giuliani and others?

Michael Horowitz: As we noted publicly in our report, we were very concerned about that. We put in appendix charts showing all the different contacts. Subsequent to that report, and this continues to this day, we are investigating those contacts. We’ve issued a couple of public summaries so far about people we found violating FBI policy. We have other investigations on going that when we conclude it, we will also post summaries of. It’s what’s proving to be very hard, is to prove the actual substance of the communications between the agents and the reporter or the individuals.


The Rudy Giuliani crime wave continues to take people down with him. So much has happened since the 2016 election that people that the reason why James Comey announced that he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s emails was that FBI agents in New York were leaking information to Rudy Giuliani and the Trump campaign.

The FBI agents who leaked to Giuliani should be fired, as hopefully at some point, justice will be done.

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