Jealous Trump Attacks Greta Thunberg For Winning Time Person Of The Year

Trump was so jealous of Greta Thunberg because she won Time Person Of The Year and he didn’t that he lashed out on Twitter.

Trump tweeted:

Willie Geist said on Morning Joe that Trump was lobbying Time in the Oval Office for the award, “I talked to somebody in the room yesterday when Time magazine had an audience with the president in the oval office earlier this they had an hour with them. All he wanted to talk about was Time Person Of The Year, and he effectively making his case to be Time Person Of The Year. There’s a reason he made fake covers, it is all he wants. He didn’t get it. The collateral damage is that he will attack a 16-year old who, by the way, he says she has an anger management problem.”


There is no GOP political messaging that Donald Trump can’t stomp on and destroy with his Twitter account. Trump has negated all of the traditional advantages of incumbency while running for reelection with his personality.

If Trump loses the 2020 election, it won’t be because of the economy or impeachment. Trump is going to lose because never in the modern history of the presidency has there been a president that is completely unlikable on a basic human level.

Trump fatigue is real and attacking a child activist because she got an award that he wanted is another reason for the American people to rid the nation of this president.

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