Video Surfaces Of Trump Praising Pelosi and Saying Presidents Should Be Impeached For Lying

Trump once praised Pelosi and called for George W. Bush to be impeached because he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Trump said, “You know, when she first got in, I met her, and I was very impressed by her. I think she’s a very impressive person. I like her a lot, but I was surprised that she didn’t do more in terms of Bush, and going after Bush. It just seemed like she was really going to look to impeach Bush and get him out of office, which personally, I think would have been a wonderful thing.”

Trump continued, “For the war, for the war, he lied. He got us into the war with lies, and I mean look at the trouble that Bill Clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant, and tried to impeach him, which nonsense, but Bush got us into this horrible war with lies by lying, by saying they had weapons of mass destruction.”


By the Republican Party “messiah’s” standards, Donald Trump deserves to be impeached. He lied about trying to extort Ukraine and abused the power of his office. What Trump did, it can be argued was worse than Bush, and even he at one time would have thought that he deserved to be impeached.

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