Pelosi Could Hold Articles Of Impeachment And Have Bolton Testify In The House


Speaker Pelosi has the power to get around Mitch McConnell’s witness blockade by holding on to the articles of impeachment and having Bolton testify in the House.

Benjamin Wittes explained on Twitter:


Pelosi has options. Mitch McConnell says he has the votes for his sham impeachment trial, but the one thing that he doesn’t have are the articles of impeachment. McConnell can’t do anything until Pelosi turns them over. It would be beneficial for the country to hear what John Bolton has to say.

Speaker Pelosi can have Bolton subpoenaed in the House, and his testimony can be added to the evidence at the Senate trial. McConnell tipped his hand too soon. Nancy Pelosi has the power, and unless McConnell wants the articles of impeachment hanging over Trump’s head during the election, he is going to need to make a deal.

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