Massive Crowd Walked Out In The Middle Of Trump’s Fumbling Speech In India

Donald Trump attended a massive campaign-style rally in India on Monday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but footage from the event shows that throngs of people walked out in the middle of the speech as he fumbled his way through it.

According to The Daily Beast, “The 100,000-seat stadium in the state of Gujarat was reportedly at capacity by the time Trump arrived.”

But as BBC noted, “[Trump] spoke after Mr Modi, and crowds began leaving mid-way through the US president’s speech.”

Video shows folks pouring out of Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, India as Trump delivered his remarks:

Trump stumbled his way through the speech

Perhaps part of the reason so many in the stadium couldn’t stomach the full speech is the fact that Trump couldn’t even pronounce a good portion of it.

As BBC reported, “[Trump] struggled to pronounce several Indian words – from Ahmedabad, the city where he was speaking, to Swami Vivekananda, an Indian philosopher, greatly admired by Mr Modi. He also called the Vedas – ancient Hindu texts – ‘Vestas’.”

Trump, standing in the world’s largest cricket stadium as he spoke, also flubbed the pronunciation of Sachin Tendulkar, one of the world’s greatest cricketers.

Some of Trump’s many verbal fumbles during his speech:

Trump wanted a rockstar event, but he ended up with a low energy campaign rally

There is no question that India rolled out the red carpet for Donald Trump’s visit to the country, even playing the song “Macho Man” as he walked onstage.

But as Rajini Vaidyanathan of BBC News noted, while there was energy surrounding the event, it lacked excitement.

In other words, Trump wanted a rockstar event, but he ended up with a low energy campaign rally.

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