White House Demands Democrats Support Trump On Coronavirus

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that Democrats should be supporting Trump on the coronavirus as this is not the time for criticism.

Grisham said on Fox News, “This is not the time to politicize something. This is not the time for media outlets to be using this for clicks and for headlines. For The New York Times to call this the Trump virus, or for Schumer and Warren to falsely claim that there was no plan at all when the CDC had a 52 point page in place, and then Michael Bloomberg as you mentioned using this as a political tool in commercials. It’s really disappointing, and it shows a complete lack of leadership, but it shows what this White House is doing, and the focus the White House and this president has.”

Grisham tweeted above the video a call for supporting Trump:

Sarah Jones compiled a list of what Trump has really done:

Trump doesn’t deserve praise for mishandling a pandemic. The White House is demanding that the media not report the truth and that no one in the country is allowed to criticize Trump. None of Grisham’s comments sound like a democracy where people have the freedom to criticize their government.

Donald Trump and his administration have bungled the response to the coronavirus. Instead of preparing the nation for a potential national health emergency, this president is holding press conferences to downplay the problem.

The White House has screwed up and they are trying to stop Democrats and the media from telling the American people about it.

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