Trump Blacks Out Coronavirus Briefings So You Can’t See Or Hear Them

Trump has imposed an audio and video blackout on coronavirus briefings so that Americans can’t see or hear the updates on the outbreak.

Here is the situation:

Trump’s tactics have more in common with the Chinese withholding of facts and information about the pandemic than they do with a democracy that is attempting to inform and protect the public. The President’s response should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following his administration.

Trump is always more interested in manipulating political perception than he is doing the actual working of governing. The United States needs a government that functions during a crisis, but Donald Trump has built a vanity machine whose only purpose is to soothe the ego of the man in the Oval Office.

There are competent people who are trying to do their jobs, but they are being ignored by Trump.

It is pointless to hold briefings to inform the public if they can’t be seen or heard. The coronavirus cover-up is in full bloom, as Trump suppresses information while an outbreak grows.

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