Enraged Trump Blames Jared Kushner For Coronavirus Ineptitude

Trump is taking out his anger over the coronavirus on his son in law, Jared Kushner, who he is blaming for the inept White House response.

Via Vanity Fair:

Sources say a principal target of his anger is Jared Kushner. “I have never heard so many people inside the White House openly discuss how pissed Trump is at Jared,” the former West Wing official said.

Sources told me Trump is regretting that Kushner swooped into the coronavirus response last week. Kushner, according to sources, encouraged Trump to treat the emergency as a P.R. problem when Fauci and others were calling for aggressive action.


Trump was also said to be angry that Kushner oversold Google’s coronavirus testing website when in fact the tech giant had a fledgling effort. Trump got slammed in the press for promoting the phantom Google product. “Jared told Trump that Google was doing an entire website that would be up in 72 hours and had 1,100 people working on it 24/7. That’s just a lie,” the source briefed on the internal conversations told me.

A president should be knowledgable and capable of making his own decision. If Trump can’t keep his own son-in-law under control, he can’t manage this crisis. It was Trump who refused to declare a national emergency until after Kushner finished his research on the subject.

It is up for debate whether Kushner lied to Trump about the website, people around Trump have learned to keep him calm by telling him what he wants to hear for years, or if Trump did his usual hearing what he wanted to hear routine when he was told about the website.

Trump is looking for someone to blame when this is all on him. It was Trump who didn’t adequately staff the government and bragged about closing the White House Pandemic Office.

Trump’s years of ignorance and incompetence have finally caught up to him, and if the health and economic projections are half as bad as what is being forecast, Donald Trump’s presidency will be over in November.

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