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Coronavirus Wipes Out Senate Republicans As McConnell Lacks Majority To Vote

Due to Rand Paul testing positive for the coronavirus, and the resulting self-quarantine of several Senators, Mitch McConnell lacks a GOP majority to vote.

Steven Dennis tweeted:

Thanks to Rand Paul spreading the coronavirus all over the Senate, Mitch McConnell lacks even a majority in the Senate to vote for his scam coronavirus stimulus bill. McConnell already was unlikely to get the 60 votes that he needed to get past the first procedural vote, but with so many members of his majority self-quarantining, the only way that he will be able to pass any legislation is with substantial Democratic votes.

McConnell’s coronavirus stimulus for corporations looks to be dead in the water, as the Majority Leader is going to have to give Democrats what they want if he is going to get this vital legislation passed.

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