Steve Schmidt Destroys Laura Ingraham And Labels Her A Lethal Fraud

Strategist Steve Schmidt obliterated Fox News’s Laura Ingraham after she claimed that he was hoping for a coronavirus calamity to hit America.

Ingraham tweeted:

In reply, Schmidt delivered the truth:

People like Ingraham and Sean Hannity are why Fox News is worried about getting sued over their coronavirus coverage where they downplayed the virus and misled the American people.

Ingraham was a bottom of the barrel conservative media celebrity until the sexual harassment scandal decimated the Fox News primetime talent pool, and she got her own show. She has built a career on being a fraud who spreads misinformation to her audience.

Steve Schmidt was correct. The coronavirus epidemic is a calamity. In the best-case scenario, hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to die. There is no political victory to be had in this situation.

Laura Ingraham helped Trump make the crisis worse by spreading propaganda downplaying the coronavirus. Her actions helped to get people killed, and it is important that we hold those who helped Trump in this borderline criminal failure accountable.

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