Majority of Americans Think Trump Encourages White Supremacists

Presidents are supposed to unify our country and bring Americans together for a common purpose. But the majority of people believe we currently have a president who fosters division and promotes white supremacy, according to a new poll. read more

Steve Schmidt Exposes Trump’s Strategy To Break Your Will To Fight

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt broke down the motive behind Trump's constant lying as he is trying to exhaust Democrats and break their will to fight him.

Steve Schmidt Perfectly Explains Why Trump Is Freaking About Felony Russia Charges

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt came out and said that Trump colluded with Russia, the question now does it meet the standard for felony conspiracy.

Steve Schmidt Demands That Mitch McConnell Be Removed From Power

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt bluntly said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is up to his eyeballs in the Russia scandal and needs to be removed from power.

Jaws Drop As Steve Schmidt Says Trump Made Osama bin Laden’s Dreams Come True

On MSNBC, Steve Schmidt laid it out clearly and bluntly that Donald Trump's Muslim ban has made Osama Bin Laden's dream of a war of civilizations come true.

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Bluntly Calls Trump And Roseanne Racists

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt called out both Trump and Roseanne Barr for intentionally and seriously using racism to divide the country and bring back the worst cultural toxins in American history.

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Blasts Republicans Who Are Complicit In Trump Crimes

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt hammered serial liar Donald Trump and called members of own party's complicit actions in Trump's crimes a scandal that is not being talked about.

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Perfectly Captures Trump As An Incompetent Obama Stalker

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC that incompetent Trump had made the world less safe because he is obsessed with undoing Obama's legacy.

Trump’s Approach To Russia Is Not Only Confusing Us; But The World

By now we all have learned how American Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday to tell the world that the United States was going to be imposing a new round of sanctions against Russia for their involvement in the Syrian crisis. read more

Steve Schmidt Tells The Nation How Corrupt Trump And His Organization Really Are

It is one thing for liberal leaning political analysts or pundits to discuss Mr. Trump’s apparent meltdown yesterday addressing how his long time friend and lawyer, Michael Cohen is now at the center of a federal investigation and quite another  to witness Republican strategist, and former John McCain campaign Chief Strategist, Steve Schmidt doing so. read more

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Slams Trump, His Administration, and Presidential Personnel Office

The Presidential Personnel Office is responsible for the vetting and hiring of nearly 4000 government employees with 1200 requiring Senate approval. It is this office which ensures the government functions smoothly and properly under any administration. read more

America the Beautiful Gets Tarnished Thanks To the Radical Right

The Republicans and their far-right religious sycophants have all but rendered the government ineffective through grid-locking strategies the prevent any meaningful initiatives from being passed.

Game Over: The Cynical and Dangerous State of the Republican Party

If you haven’t seen 'Game Change' yet, it’s a must see movie, and not because it’s about Sarah Palin, but because it’s about what she represents: The cynical, dangerous, decaying state of the Republican Party.

HBO’s 2008 McCain Palin Campaign ‘Game Change’ Is Must See TV

Game Change HBO

It’s coming……..

Game Change, the movie is heading your way on March 10th at 9PM on HBO.

Did you read the book? If you missed it, this movie will be a bit of a shocker for you. Game Change was written by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann about the McCain campaign in 2008. Mark Halperin has been described as a bit of a Palin fan (he did call her a genius), and in a way, that just makes the revelations in the book all the more damaging. read more

The Truth is Out: Palin’s VP Debate Answers Were Scripted

The false narrative continues as Steve Schmidt (aka, the Bullet) reveals Palin’s debate answers were memorized and scripted. What’s the difference between a Palin debate and a movie? Not much apparently. Sure, American politicians sell a cult of personality, but must it be so disingenuous as to include main characters like W and Palin? Can’t the GOP find someone who can read? Aren’t candidates supposed to have some ideas, something they stand for and shouldn’t they be able to discuss that topic without memorizing answers?