Steve Schmidt Hammers Trump As A Delusional Cult Leader Who’s Falling Apart


Steve Schmidt called Trump an enfeebled delusional cult leader who is falling apart and seeing more people unwilling to go down with the cult.

Schmidt said on MSNBC:

So the country’s in a lot of trouble with this president. We see it in the coronavirus. Death rates. He is falling apart. We see his enfeeblement before our eyes. We see it physically and mentally.


And then the comments we saw in the Rose Garden on the portico, just showed somebody who is utterly fantastically delusional. He is like a delusional cult leader. Thankfully there are fewer and fewer Americans willing to go down with the cult every day. But there are still too many.

The election isn’t over. And the consequences for the country of Donald Trump’s staying in office just simply cannot be overstated. The country cannot endure four more years of the incompetence as we consider the death rates from the virus, the shattered economy, and the assault on national security interest by hostile foreign powers that the president will not defend us.


The country is in trouble with Trump as president, and his comments are getting more delusional by the day. Trump has always lived in a fantasy world, but his delusions met reality when the coronavirus arrived, and instead of joining the real world, Trump has retreated further into delusion.

The election is far from decided, and it will take a united by the sane across the political spectrum to win, but the door is open, and the crazy can be defeated if the nation comes together to end the tyranny of an insane minority.

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