Trump Just Showed A Propaganda Video During The Coronavirus Briefing

Trump hijacked the coronavirus daily briefing to air a more than four minutes long propaganda video with lies about his response to the coronavirus.

I will not show the video, but Trump said before it aired, “But I took this action early, and so the story in “The New York Times” was a total fake. It’s a fake newspaper and they write fake stories. Some day, hopefully in five years when I’m not here, those papers are all going out of business because nobody is going to want to read them. With that, I have a couple of interesting — we have a few clips we’re going to put up. I think you’ll find them interesting. And then we’ll answer some questions. I’ll ask you some questions because you’re so guilty, but forget it. But most importantly, we’ll get back on to the reason we’re here, which is the success we’re having, okay? Please, you can put it on.”

Video of Trump before the propaganda aired:

The video was a heavily edited historical fan fiction piece ginned up by the White House to defend Trump’s response to the coronavirus. Trump was set off by a deep dive New York Times article outlining all of the coronavirus warnings that he ignored.

The White House is spending their time putting Trump’s kids on councils and making propaganda videos instead of fighting the pandemic that is sweeping America.

This should be the last straw, as the networks need to dump Trump’s sham coronavirus briefings immediately.

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