Trump Comes Unglued And Humiliates Himself At Press Conference

Trump is not in a good place as he claimed that he alone built the greatest economy in history while smearing Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Trump said on the economy, “I think we’re going to have a really good — I think it’s going to build fast and it will be a tremendous, tremendous comeback. And you know, I say I built the greatest economy with all of the people that helped me and all of the people in this country, we built the greatest economy the world has ever seen and we’ll do it again.”


Trump smeared Pelosi:

He also smeared Joe Biden:

The man that America saw standing in the Rose Garden was not a reassuring presence or a picture of leadership in a time of crisis.

Trump went down the conspiracy rabbit hole and claimed that Democrats are exaggerating the coronavirus mortality rates.

The briefing did nothing to help Trump and only cemented the perception that came out of last week’s fiasco where Trump told the country to inject bleach.

Every day that Trump speaks at these briefings is another step closer to the end of his presidency.