Trump Tries To Distract From Virus By Asking Senators To Investigate Obama

Trump used a lunch with Republican Senators to ask them to stand with him and conduct an investigation of former President Barack Obama.

Garrett Haake of NBC News reported:

On the way out I was more interested in hearing what the President said. It sounded like another of these visits the President makes to the capitol, and they all tend to be the same. They’re very free-associative. He comes into these GOP lunches and just sort of riffs on the things that he’s interested in.

He told senators that they need to be tougher, that they need to stick together, that they need to stay on his side. I wouldn’t call it quite a pep rally, but it was an attempt to rally the party around him as he faces all of this criticism that comes with the reopening of the essentially also asking senators to stay with him on issues around investigating the President — former president Obama, Michael Flynn, all of those issues, essentially just trying to draw the party back in toward him.


Trump is trying to distract from the coronavirus pandemic by having Senate Republicans investigate Obama. So far, Senate Republicans have shown zero interest in investigating Obama, because they understand that opening up that can of worms in the middle of a pandemic that Trump has completely screwed up can only help Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is losing, and he is looking for Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans to save him with a bogus Obama investigation.

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