Joe Biden Annihilates Trump For Press Conference Disaster


Former Vice President Joe Biden called Trump despicable for putting any other words into George Floyd’s mouth besides I can’t breathe.

Biden said:

Before I speak to the economic situation, I have to take a moment to address something the President said this morning.

Toward the end of his remarks today, Donald Trump said he hopes that George Floyd “is looking down and seeing this is a great day for our country.”


He was speaking of a man who was brutally killed by an act of needless violence — and by a larger tide of injustice — that has metastasized on this President’s watch.

George Floyd’s last words — “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” — have echoed across our nation.

For the President to try to put any other words in the mouth of George Floyd — is frankly despicable.

And, the fact that he did so on a day when Black unemployment rose and black youth unemployment skyrocketed — tells you everything you need to know about who this man is and what he cares about.

Video of Biden:

Joe Biden was totally correct. Trump doesn’t get it. He is living in his own bubble where tens of millions of Americans without jobs are a cause for celebration. Trump tried to take the death of George Floyd and turn it into a piece of propaganda for himself.

Trump is out of touch, despicable, and most importantly, he doesn’t care.

There is only one path out of the nation’s never-ending crisis and that is to elect Joe Biden to be the next president in November.

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